Equine Assisted Learning for

Professional Development

Leadership Training & Development

Organizational Management and Staff Development

Building Teamwork & Collaboration

Strengthening Partnerships

Improving Morale

Corporate Seminars


Personal Growth

Pre-Marital Counseling

Strengthening Parent-Teen Relationships

Improving Communication

Strengthening Decision-Making Skills

Increasing Self-esteem

Boosting Motivation

Trusting Intuition





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Leading for Motivation & Change

Check out the Parent-Teen Workshop we're offering in May. It's an all day action packed barrel of fun for adolescent girls and their mother's. Space is limited. Register early!

With Equine Assisted Learning, people find that change and growth occur rapidly and often effortlessly on many levels. The experience in the arena can be applied to daily routines immediately and learning occurs with ease and harmony.

We believe that changes are possible and horses serve to reinforce that time and time again.

Join us in the arena and experience firsthand Leading With Horsepower.

Visit the main website at Veritas Counseling Center, LLC to learn more.


Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning has become very popular all over the world in both small business & corporate settings. It is also a tool being utilized for life skills development and personal growth.

Leading With Horsepower is one program in Phoenix, Arizona at Veritas Counseling Center, LLC that offers equine assisted sessions for individuals, couples, families, groups, business organziations, and corporate associations. Equine assisted learning sessions are offered by the hour, in one or half day seminars, and in weekend workshops. We design and facilitate these sessions based on your unique needs and goals. Call us to learn more at 602-863-3939.


Professional Facilitators

Both the therapist and the equine professional are certified in Equine Assisted Learning and also Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Together, they work as a team helping others to be empowered, strengthen alliances, improve collaboration, increase communication and develop leadership skills. Horses help humans be motivated to change.


Get Effective Results Now with Equine Assisted Learning

Sessions of equine assisted learning whether hourly or in seminars or workshops can result in numerous benefits for participants including

and many more for individuals and groups. Harness your horsepower for change today.